What is Luciferianism?

What is Luciferianism?

Luciferianism – What is it?

Luciferianism is a system of belief which involves black magic (or magick) in its worship of Lucifer, and often other so-called deities, in pursuit of deeper understanding, power, and connection with the true self, or “enlightenment.”

A person who adheres to Luciferianism is to think like the gods and goddesses he or she applies to for understanding and power. It is not a particularly prescriptive system of belief, but rather a general direction of ideology and goals combined with certain ritual practices. Luciferianism may include any number of combinations of beliefs tending more toward a New Age type of spirituality or occultic spirit worship and manipulation, atheism, or a monotheistic belief in Lucifer as God.

Those who hold to Luciferianism in any of its forms all hold that Lucifer is not the same as the Satan of the Bible –…

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