Let’s break out of prison planet. 

Patriots for Truth

Please educate and enlighten your social media audience in a way that resonates with them at the level of their awareness. Once ‘WOKE’ to that level of truth, help them awaken to the next level up. Use our dozens of deeply researched citizens intelligence reports to educate yourself on Lucifer’s minions and machinations so that you can then enlighten your audience.

In this way, we lift the consciousness of humanity to confront and overcome the evil that you see in the chart below.

This is not just an American problem, and it is anything but a conspiracy theory.

This is a world-wide luciferic prison we are all in. It will take people all over the world to activate, engage, and take down the system.

We have a tremendous world-wide network behind this newsletter. How can you enlighten your fellow citizens? How can you use our citizens intelligence reports to start…

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